Oracle RAC Interview Questions

1. Where are the Clusterware files stored on a RAC environment?

2. Where are the database software files stored on a RAC environment?

3. What kind of storage we can use for the shared Clusterware files?

4. What kind of storage we can use for the RAC database storage?

5. What is a CFS?

6. What is an OCFS2?

7. Which files can be placed on an Oracle Cluster File System?

8. Do you know another Cluster Vendor?

9. How is possible to install a RAC if we don’t have a CFS?

10. What is a raw device?

11. What is a raw partition?

12. When to use CFS over raw?

13. When to use raw over CFS?

14. What CRS is?

15. What is VIP IP used for?

16. Why we need to have configured SSH or RSH on the RAC nodes?

17. Is the SSH, RSH needed for normal RAC operations?

18. Do we have to have Oracle RDBMS on all nodes?

19. What are the restrictions on the SID with a RAC database? Is it limited to 5 characters?

20. Does Real Application Clusters support heterogeneous platforms?

21. Are there any issues for the interconnect when sharing the same switch as the public network by using VLAN to separate the network?

22. What is the Load Balancing Advisory?

23. How many nodes are supported in a RAC Database?

24. What is the Cluster Verification Utility (cluvfy)?

25. What versions of the database can I use the cluster verification utility (cluvfy) with?

26. If I am using Vendor Clusterware such as Veritas, IBM, Sun or HP, do I still need Oracle Clusterware to run Oracle RAC 10g?

27. Is RAC on VMWare supported?

28. What is hangcheck timer used for ? 

29. Is the hangcheck timer still needed with Oracle RAC 10g?

30. What files can I put on Linux OCFS2?

31. Is it possible to use ASM for the OCR and voting disk?

32. Can I change the name of my cluster after I have created it when I am using Oracle Clusterware?

33. What the O2CB is?

34. What the OCR file is used for? 

35. What the Voting Disk file is used for? 

36. What is the recommended method to make backups of a RAC environment?

37.  What command would you use to check the availability of the RAC system?

39.  Name two specific RAC background processes

40.  Can you have many database versions in the same RAC?

41.  What was RAC previous name before it was called RAC?

42.  What RAC component is used for communication between instances?

43.  What is the difference between normal views and RAC views?

44.  Which command will we use to manage (stop, start) RAC services in command-line mode?

45.  How many alert logs exist in a RAC environment?

46. What are Oracle Clusterware Components

47. How do you backup voting disk

48. How do I identify the voting disk location

49. How do I identify the OCR file location

50. What is SCAN?

51. What are Oracle Clusterware processes for 10g on Unix and Linux

52. What are Oracle database background processes specific to RAC

53. What are Oracle Clusterware Components

54. How do you troubleshoot node reboot

55. How do you backup the OCR

56. How do you backup voting disk

57. How do I identify the voting disk location 

58. How do I identify the OCR file location 

59. Is ssh required for normal Oracle RAC operation ?

60. What is the purpose of Private Interconnect ?

61Why do we have a Virtual IP (VIP) in Oracle RAC?

62. What do you do if you see GC CR BLOCK LOST in top 5 Timed Events in AWR Report? 

63. How many nodes are supported in a RAC Database?

64. Srvctl cannot start instance, I get the following error PRKP-1001 CRS-0215, however sqlplus can start it on both nodes? How do you identify the problem?

65. What is the purpose of the ONS daemon? 

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11 thoughts on “Oracle RAC Interview Questions”

  1. I’ll love to see an answer to #32. More specifically, can oracle clustername be changed — in an Oracle-supported way? so that oracle tech support will support you if you call with problem.

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